Joseph C. Peters, President and Board Member - Former White House drug policy office’s acting deputy director for  state and local affairs under presidents Clinton and Bush
  • 25 years of federal, state and local government experience and former Federal Prosecutor
  • Television and radio commentator for numerous major media outlets, providing expert insight on law enforcement investigative and counter  terrorism issues and technologies
Robert Chicoski, Board Member
  • Since 2004 Mr. Chicoski has been the acting CFO for two Boston-based businesses providing contract CFO services for all accounting, finance, tax and bank financing matters as well as other strategic business and corporate matters.
  • From June 2012 through April 2017, Mr. Chicoski was the controller, acting Chief Financial Officer and Private Investor Mentor for GVP Global Corp, a Boston private equity investment company.
  • Mr. Chicoski has been a Certified Public accountant since 1969. He was the founder, Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer of a start- up company, World Energy Solutions, that was previously listed on the Over the Counter Exchange as XWES and subsequently acquired by EnerNOC in 2015. Mr. Chicoski received a BS in Accounting from Bentley College of Accounting and Finance.
James C. Katzaroff, Board Member
  • James C. Katzaroff is a Managing Director of SMI Group LLC, a consulting company and also a Managing Director of its subsidiary, SMI Capital Markets LLC, an SEC registered investment banking firm.
  • Mr. Katzaroff is known for bringing vision, passion, determination and results to financing, developing and growing start-up and emerging growth companies, particularly in technology, medical devices and energy. He has served as chairman, chief executive officer, chief financial officer, an officer, a member of the board of directors and an advisor for a range of public and private companies.
  • Mr. Katzaroff received his bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Santa Barbara in Business Economics and completed advanced management courses at the University of Washington.  He holds Series 22 (partnerships/direct participation programs), 63 (state law), and 82 (private placements) U.S. securities licenses.