Vantage mHealthcare Improves Design and Technology of its Sensor | Expects to Deploy First 100 Sensors to Hospitals and Research Facilities in the United States and New Zealand

March 9, 2015

New York, NY –  Vantage mHealthcare Inc., (OTCQB: VNTH) ("Vantage") or (the "Company") today announced that Vantage’s manufacturer expects to deliver 100 Health Sensors over the next month to hospitals and research facilities in the United States and New Zealand, advancing to the next phase of its research and development process, in order to prepare for human clinical trials.

Implementing this deployment is of great significance to Vantage. Over the past six months, the Company has invested a great deal of time, effort, and resources in improving the ergonomic design of the hand-held device; adding blue-tooth communication capabilities to the unit, increasing the sensitivity of the nanotube-based chemical sensors, refining the software algorithms used to interpret the raw sensor data, and automating the production of the critical components.  

Several variations of ergonomic fittings used to capture breath exhaled by patients were designed, manufactured, tested, and optimized to produce a device appropriate for initial testing. Blue-tooth communication capabilities allow the hand-held unit to communicate in real-time to smart-phones, tablets, and laptops.  Several new nanomaterials used to sense airborne volatile organic compounds (VOCs) were created, tested, and enhanced to improve the sensitivity of the device in detecting biomarkers containing a critical VOC exhaled in low levels by many patients needing an easy-to-use, non-invasive tool for an early screening of their medical condition. An early detection of disease, while treatments can still be initiated before the disease becomes terminal, will help them fight their condition. The proprietary software algorithm used to interpret the raw sensor data in the lab setting is now being translated into apps that will soon allow real-time data interpretation using the portable displays on smart-phones, tablets and laptops.  Lastly, automating the production allows Vantage to quickly scale up production for much larger volumes needed to meet future testing and production goals.

These developments are bringing the disruptive technology closer to market, where they will be used to screen for specific diseases by detecting VOCs known by medical experts to be exhaled by patients with medical conditions such as cancer. Vantage has worked diligently with its many science partners to overcome some engineering challenges and looks forward to testing in more hospitals and research facilities around the world.



About Vantage mHealthcare Inc.

Vantage mHealthcare Health Inc. - a mobile health technology company - is developing personalized and point-of-care screening using Apps based upon chemical sensing residing within a Bluetooth device that works with any smartphone, tablet or laptop. With its foundations in advanced nanotechnology, the company’s first product, the Vantage Health Sensor, which is in development, is the convergence of nano-electronics, bio-informatics, and wireless technology to create the next generation mobile health application. The first mobile App is expected to be for lung cancer screening with additional mobile healthcare Apps in the planning stages. The Company has offices in New York City and Mountain View, CA. For more information, please visit


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